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Ever thought of any mens to expend all the cash you make in a full year in just one night? If yes, I bet this is a better methodway than all your other alternatives, and if you did not think of all this ever before, then stick to this way. The best way to spend your hard earned money in a night and get some fantastic memories for your entire life (only if can afford to do so) is getting yourself a room in Burj Al Arab. Choose the room from your range of $1000 to $15000 for a night, yes it's the precise cost and I am not inflating. And if you are one of the rich investment bankers or flourishing businessmen then the Royal Suite should be your choice for only $28000 a night. All the sarcasm and humor left aside, Burj Al Arab is truly a dream hotel to be in and enjoy the amazing warmth and luxuries, however costly the affair is.

Burj Al Arab is the lone seven star hotel among the tallest hotels in the world. The luxuries provided here are best in the business. It is the pride of Dubai, and it is the answer to the world on how robust a tourism based economy it is. Located on an artificial island 280 meters offshore, the 321 meter tall hotel is an architectural masterpiece. Designed to resemble the sail of a ship, the hotel is a blendcombination of the world's advanced technologies and luxuries in one address. It includes services like, pick-up from airport in any of the many chauffeured Rolls Royce which the hotel owns for its boarders pleasure. But for people, who desire to spend approximately the price of a luxury sedan for staying in the hotel for a night, they would not be moved by the road service - however luxurious that is. So for them there is a helipad on the roof exterior to the construction of the hotel that adds fancy to its structure. The helipad is for air pick-up for its guests from airport to the hotel.

Regardless of such great height, the hotel has only 28 double storied floors and accommodates around 202 bedrooms. The sole reason for this is, not to compromise with the luxury and hospitality of its high paying customers. The hotel brags of the best designs and services impartedprovided in the rooms and suites. The rooms show colors of gold and some rich wealth persists in them, leaving aside some of the designing horrors which includes mirror on ceiling the hotel has ensured that on your stay there you get to learn much about the Arab culture and enjoy its luxuries to the fullest. Setting aside criticism and disputes over its seven star rating and the structure resembling a Christian cross the structure is in a true sense a representation of Dubai's wishes and its indication of an emerging economic superpower and yet a traditional city to its very core. The interior of the hotel is designed to reflect the architecture of the medieval period and to some level let us all enjoy the luxuries and leisures of being a Sheikh when we have a stay there.

Today, the Burj Al Arab stands tall and boasts of so much luxury and tradition to the entire world, but this hotel was not that easy to make, it required a lot of engineering innovations and breakthroughs to take place. As the hotel rests on an artificial island, it took a lot of concrete loads to be driven into sand. The engineers managed to build a ground layer of large solid rocks, which in turn circled with a concrete honeycomb pattern, which finally protects the surface from erosion to water. It actually took more time to retrieve the land than actually constructing the hotel itself.

The hotel has an colourful lighting scheme which changes from white to multi-colored as the evening progresses, which is projected on its Teflon coated walls. Also the hotel features a total of eight bars and restaurants that add to the luxury quotient of the hotel. Entry to the hotel is only thru either with a reservation or an invitation. So if you were just hoping to stop by the hotel and have a sneak into its beauty and luxury, just drop the idea to avoid embarrassment. Also the hotel is strict to its traditions and pursues a strict code of dress which one must follow to gain entry into its premises. Shorts and sneakers would deny you of your chance to enter the hotel so keep a check on that.

All said and done, the Burj Al Arab is a treat to your own self and your loved ones with its exclusive services and amenities, given, you have the money to afford that.

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